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Meet Brent

If Texas values are hallmarked by the principles of faith, family and service to others, Brent Money is Texan to the core. A sixth generation resident of Hunt County and the first attorney in his family, Brent has many achievements to be proud of. Even so, he lives his life to honor service over success.

Tacking a label on a politician and calling them conservative is easy, but true, lifelong conservative Brandon Hall was not afraid to put in the work.

A seventh generation Texan and fifth generation resident of Parker County, Brandon has always been bold and outspoken in the fight to save America. He started volunteering on campaigns for conservative leaders from a young age, and he gave speeches at TEA Party rallies at age 13.

State and National leaders in the Republican Party recognized Brandon as a rising star for the conservative cause and tapped him to serve in both political and public service positions. Brandon worked on major national and state campaigns including the 2020 reelection campaign for President Trump and 2022 re-election campaign for Governor Abbott.

Brandon’s experience includes serving as an aide for one of the most conservative members of Congress in the U.S. House of Representatives. In that role, he assembled and led strategic advisory committees on border, immigration, and agriculture policy. Brandon experienced crises at the border firsthand, extensively touring many areas of the border and working with law enforcement leaders and borderland ranchers devastated by the invasion.

Brandon’s passion for serving his community didn’t start with politics, but with his faith in Jesus Christ. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Theology and spent five years serving in ministry with his wife and high school sweetheart, Ashley. While in college, Brandon led ministry outreach and mentorship programs for at-risk youth in inner city Chicago. Working with mostly single parent families, he helped to enroll and raise tuition funds for 14 kids to attend Christian school. Brandon also served as a full-time Youth Pastor in Parker County.

There’s a lot of “conservatives” in Austin, but when it comes down to brass tacks, they fail to deliver. In this race, there’s no question who the authentic conservative is. Brandon Hall has proven that he will stand up and fight for the Christian conservative values that we expect from our State Representative.

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