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Brandon will Fight for Our Values

Parents Know Best

Between myself and my wife Ashley, we’ve had a diverse assortment of educational experiences. I started school at Springtown Elementary but grew up predominantly homeschooled while Ashley was raised mostly in inner-city Chicago public schools. While in college, we served in a church ministry that provided a Christian school for at-risk kids in Chicago. We helped enroll and raise tuition funds for 14 kids to leave inner city public schools and attend Christian school, a life changing experience for many of them. Ashley also has experience teaching first grade in a private Christian school.

With this firsthand experience, I believe that no one way of learning is going to be the right fit for every child. While I believe that Parker, Palo Pinto, and Stephens counties have the best public schools in the state, I also know that the radical left has infiltrated curricula, national teachers unions, and school libraries with the stated goal of indoctrinating our next generation against our values. I will always fight hand-in-hand with parents to protect children in our schools from CRT indoctrination, inappropriate and sexualized materials, and the influence of the radical left. Children belong to parents, not the state. Parents must be empowered to make the best educational and developmental decisions for their child’s future.

Pro-Life, Pro-Freedom, Pro-Gun

As a Christian, I derive my worldview from the Bible and use it as a guide for every issue. The traditional family is the bedrock of our state and the prosperity we enjoy. I fully support the platform of the Republican party including the fundamental tenet that marriage is between a man and a woman as defined by God.  I will always be the biggest enemy of those who work to destroy the family and promote alternative, sexualized lifestyles to children.

The most basic foundation of conservative principles are the freedoms found in our Constitution. I believe God is the creator of all life from conception to death, and I will fiercely protect it with no exceptions or excuses.  I believe Texas should be a leader in promoting personal and religious freedom. I also believe the right to keep and bear arms is sacred and absolute. As a gun owner, I regularly exercise my right to carry. I will fight to nullify federal firearm regulations in Texas and will never compromise on gun rights.

Defend the Border

I’ve seen the crisis at the Texas-Mexico border firsthand, and I know how devastating it is for our state and our country. I’ve talked with law enforcement leaders and borderland ranchers devastated by the invasion of illegal drugs, weapons, and people being trafficked into Texas. We’ve waited long enough for the federal government to act. Now it’s time for Texas leaders to declare an invasion, invoking Article 1 Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution to secure the border and deport illegal aliens crossing into our state. If elected as your State Representative, I will make border security my #1 priority and leverage my knowledge and experience with the issue and my relationships with Texas leaders to finally deliver meaningful results.

End Property Taxes

Promises made, promises broken. Too many Texans feel this way about their property taxes. Texas state leaders have a responsibility, especially when we’re enjoying a massive budget surplus, to give those dollars back to the taxpayers. We must ELIMINATE property taxes in Texas. I will never stop fighting to cut wasteful government spending and compressing property tax rates with the goal of permanently eliminating them .


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